Graz International Bilingual School


GIBS is a bilingual (German-English) senior secondary school for students aged 10-18. At present the school comprises more than 560 students and over 50 teaching staff. The rest of the team is made up of the French-, English- and Spanish-speaking co-teachers and the administrative staff. The language of instruction is English in the form of “flexible monolingualism”. The first three months of Year 1 take the form of an intensive phase of language acquisition after which the students have reached a level of language competence which enables them to participate in lessons conducted in the target language. Following the intensive phase, linguistic back-up for other subjects is provided when required in the English class. In Year 7 History is taught in English/French/Spanish. During the first five school years in particular, different subjects collaborate on broad projects that supplement language instruction. Between Year 6 and Year 8, the upper level course system ensures the interconnection and deepening of learning material. Students from non-German speaking countries receive instruction in German as a foreign language.


Mag. Imelda Gōrōg

Address & Contact

Georgigasse 85-89

8020 Graz