First ACES Cluster Workshop at Danila Kumar International School in Ljubljana

Written by Danila Kumar International School on Dec 12th, 2016

From December 8-9th 2016, Danila Kumar International School in Ljubljana hosted the first ACES cluster workshop. It was the MYP Language Acquisition workshop, which was led by IB workshop leader Eleni Vasileiou. The teachers who took part in the workshop came from 5 different countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia and 9 school members of the ACES.  The programme focused on constructivist and concept based learning, involved many activities where the teachers could deepen their understanding and gather information about IB philosophy and practise designing quality unit planners and assessment tasks in the language acquisition framework. The workshop proved to be an informative, stimulating, and enriching experience for all the teachers, as it emphasized the life-long learning approach to teaching and learning languages ; particularly the importance of language learning in the IB curriculum at large.