Model United Nations Conference - January 2019

Written by Gurubharan Ganeson on 16 - 18 January 2019

It is with great honor that I extend to you a warm welcome to MUNoV 2019. My name is Gurubharan Ganeson, and it is indeed a privilege to serve as the Secretary General for MUNoV 2019. Having attended my first MUN conference in 2016, my MUN journey has since taken me across nations and across continents (South America, Asia, and Europe). Upon my arrival in Austria, I was extremely surprised at the dearth of MUN conferences in and around Vienna. As such, we bring to you MUNoV: a high school Model United Nations conference organized by Vienna International School and Danube International School Vienna.

This year’s theme, “Promoting peace in a polarized world”, was handpicked to reflect the very current issues that the world faces. With greater instability, we can see nations moving toward far left and far right governments, an unfortunate rise of racial prejudice, and growing corruption which further increases income disparity, all of which fuel global conflict. As globalization becomes ever more prominent, every issue has a myriad stakeholders and a multitude of perspectives, and this stark polarization proves to be an even greater threat to international stability and harmony.

Participants at MUNoV 2019 will have a chance to grapple with many of these pressing and complex issues in exciting committees such as the United Nations Security Council, Human Rights Council, International Atomic Energy Agency, and many more. The United Nations Office of Vienna has been a center of international diplomacy and conflict mitigation for nearly the last forty years, and we are both proud and humbled to enable high school students from all over the world to engage in fruitful, insightful debate, reflecting the core principles of this esteemed institution at this prestigious venue.

With the support of a wonderful and dedicated team, I look forward to bringing you MUNoV 2019.